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To gain a better understanding of your objectives and to see if we are a good fit for each other,  I offer you a 30-minute discovery session using my online scheduling tool


Do you find yourself at moments with a quiet sense of unease, a yearning for something unknown and unnamed? 

Designed to produce long-term, sustainable results. The focus of each of the mastermind sessions is to focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Working with a small group of focused individuals will have you gain a perspective on how you can create a powerful purpose to fulfill on your heart’s desires and dreams.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich

The mastermind group meets twice a month for 1-1/2 hours. The group is comprised of like-minded business professionals committed to raising the bar by empowering each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and empower each other with honesty, respect and compassion. 

Thank you once again for your commitment and your expression of it through your work. To hear you speak of women’s purpose on this planet made it even clearer to me that  I must somehow dedicate myself to that purpose”  Melinda Giambruno

Schedule a call to speak with Peggy Scott to learn how you may benefit from the Mastermind.


Many nonprofit organizations seek assistance with strategic planning. Having a facilitator will provide a focus and clarity on the topic at hand to reach the optimal path and alignment.

An organization’s mission must be clear and agreed to by all of the stakeholders for the purpose of alignment, resulting in shared agreement on mission, vision and values.

As a facilitator I help an organization, identify what’s important, why the organization exists, what the organization stands for and to clarify the vision for the future. 

Benefits of Meeting Facilitation: 

  • keeps the group focused
  • takes the group deeper with a topic
  • engages productive interactions
  • inspires creativity
  • guides the process through each step that will produce a powerfully articulated mission, vision and values

Schedule a call to speak with Peggy Scott to learn more.

  Time, situations and life changes us that’s for sure, but you don’t have to lose sight of your fabulous self. Yes, there is fabulous within you and available to nurture into existence. 

Whatever age you are, my programs offer you a path to stand even more fully in your beautiful power, now and in the future. I have developed a unique process that gets at the heart and soul of beauty and provides a path for your presence to be seen, valued and known. 

My focus is to empower extraordinary women, and that means YOU, to be extraordinary at every age!  


Look, feel and be an influential leader!

The coaching program addresses both the inner and outer game of presence as it pertains to your effectiveness and success.

The Inner Game of Presence – Managing your inner game is an essential element of showing up confident, powerful and effective. Your presence reflects your moods, attitudes, confidence-level, emotions, self-worth, inner dialogues, how well you are taking care of yourself and so much more. Your inner self is an essential supporting structure for your presence.

Mastering the inner game of presence requires you to consider your ambition, commitments and what you want to accomplish for yourself, your family, community, organization and the world. You must also consider your outer presence and the effect you are having with others, as well as yourself.

The Outer Game of Presence – Professional is a look as well as a mindset!  When your outer presence is aligned with your inner game you have a potent presence that opens many pathways in your personal life and career.

Your outer presence includes your image – your clothing, appearance and body posture, grooming, verbal interactions and Voice Presence©. They all convey messages of your: character, believability, confidence, integrity, authority, skills and intelligence.

The program is highly tailored to suit your specific objectives and includes:

  • 1-1/2 hour session twice a month to develop your ambitions and goals as we work towards accomplishing those goals in your coaching sessions
  • A workbook to help you gain clarity and move you in a clear direction
  • Recorded notes from each session
  • Email support

I want to learn more about your Programs

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