Coaching Offers for Women

In a world where first impressions are made in an instant, it is essential that your visual brand is strong, cohesive, and on message. Your image is much more than your headshot. It includes your clothing, your posture, your facial expression, and even your environment. Yet an image combined with an unmistakable Presence will speak volumes before you even utter a word.

The Benefits of Hiring a Coach

Why hire a coach? Successful people hire coaches to continue to excel in their business and life.

Hiring a personal image and branding coach is an investment to your success in business and in your life.

As your coach, I am listening for and drawing out your strengths, qualities and values to empower you to show up and be at your very best.

My approach is to provide you with a system to make easy choices, so your powerful presence is their first impression.


Your Presence as a Leader

The coaching program is a highly customized program that will shift your mindset, limiting ideas and assumptions, specifically designed to create breakthrough results and an elevated presence that represents the best version of you…powerfully, confidently, and authentically.

Through coaching, you will have defined your personal image and presence brand that is aligned with and represents your values, purpose, and mission. 

Transform Your Wardrobe from Overwhelm to Workability

Are you like many other people who you have a closet full of clothes and yet, nothing to wear? So, what do you do about that…you go shopping and buy more stuff. Many people don’t know what looks best on them.

Think about it, where did you get your ideas for dressing yourself as you do? How do you know if it works? Most have imitated how to assemble a pretty good-looking image but aren’t really sure if it really works for them.

Stop the madness! I can help. I will show you how to work with what you have and look like a million bucks without spending a fortune.

When I work with clients to help them sort out their closet and wardrobe, they are always amazed and feel like they went shopping. They did, but in their own closet.

Generating a Powerful & Engaging Presence on Video

Research shows that your appearance and overall presence strongly influences other people’s perception of you. Your presence relays volumes about you, your authority, trustworthiness, intelligence and whether they will want to hire you, or invest in your company’s product and services.

Your professional appearance matters, especially on video chats with your clients and conducting business. Your professional appearance is as important online as when you are meeting in person.

Through coaching you will know how to convey your best self through the lens of the camera.


The Presence of Self online course is a self-driven program that includes three 60-minute coaching sessions. 

The Course Curriculum:

  1. An Introduction & Philosophy of Presence
  2. Key Elements of Inner Presence – Your Inner Game
  3. Designing Your Personal Brand – Your Outer Game
  4. Your Presence Reflected in Other Key Areas of  Your Life
  5. Presence of a Leader

To get a better idea of what you want your Presence Persona to reflect, answer the questions below.

Client Praises

“Working with Peggy has been transformative for me. I chanced upon meeting Peggy when she conducted an online meeting presence training session for my team, and it was the start of a valuable relationship. Since working with Peggy, I’ve been able to speak my mind with executives, step up on stage with confidence to present at industry events, and more importantly, really start to uncover what matters most to me, and how I can go about achieving it. I can’t recommend Peggy highly enough, I look forward to our sessions as I know that I will always be taking away a nugget of gold.”- Miranda Chestney-Law – Associate Director Customer Success, APAC | Alida

“A light I never knew I needed in my life………. Peggy Scott is an inspiration. During my sessions with Peggy, I was able to see the beauty in myself and find a direction that gave me purpose. She has a true gift in listening to you and then pointing out where presence is needed and thought process can be changed. She truly understands the words self-love and she showed me how to do this again. Her love for humankind and her passion to help others is unsurpassable by anyone I have ever met. From our first meeting to this very day, I will always hold Peggy in my heart as she is as pure as they come. It is a rarity to have someone like her in your life.” – Cassandra Kobayashi-Gallagher, Real Estate Agent, Realty One Group Pacifica

“One of a Kind – Peggy has a rare gift for bringing out one’s inner grace and beauty in a most profound way. She goes way beyond consulting on image. Although she is also masterful in coaching on clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup – her unique talent is in reaching right into the soul and pulling out your full, self-expression so that you are more effective and present.”  Alexandra Huff, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Oracle

“Peggy’s vibrancy gives anyone the ability to let his or her guard down and truly be vulnerable. Her sessions were clear, concise, and made us aware of the importance of our image as a leader and entrepreneur, and how our image becomes our personal brand.”  Lauren Koenig, Founder & CEO, Twip Corp.

“Working with Peggy enabled me to be more powerful and confident. She enabled me to see myself in a new light and manifest more grace, purpose, and power in my life. Peggy can see the strength and beauty within and help her clients bring it out in a way that allows them to generate an increase in confidence and a powerful presence and be more of their authentic self.” –  Helen Fanucci, Transformation Sales Leader at Microsoft

“Through Peggy’s coaching and loving presence, I was able to clarify and discover that freedom is a core value for me. Wow! This wisdom has brought more focus to my work. Now, as I create my daily To Do list, I ask myself, “What am I free to do today?” It has brought much more joy, playfulness, and creativity into my work as a social entrepreneur. I am grateful to Peggy for the beauty and light she is bringing into the world.” –  Usha Sharma, Director, Divine Life Institute

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