The Power of Presence

Your Presence is Your Most Powerful Marketing Message!

You are Leaving Money on the Table If You Don’t Consider Your Image as Part of Your Success

My personal image just wasn’t that important, until I started talking with people about the most important business brand I have ever built. I needed to figure out what I’m supposed to wear, as I had no clue, and it was important that I up my game and have my image be consistent with the look and feel of my business brand. 

With your coaching, I started learning the principles of how things work. Your ability to recognize my frustration and validate my concerns with empathy and compassion allowed me to relax more and gain a better understanding of what is my best look and personal brand.” –  George C. Huang, M.D., Founder & Chief Rocket Surgeon at More Profit Rocket

Before You Speak a Word, Your Presence Speaks Volumes About You!


If you are like most men, the whole business of image and clothing are not high on your radar.

If you were told it’s time to update your software, you’d understand the value. Yet, when was the last time you updated your appearance and image?

You may know intuitively that your image and appearance matter, but you would rather avoid the whole painful process of figuring out what to wear and when.

Does Your Image Support Your Success?

Consider the impact your presence has in the following areas:

* Commanding authority when you present in meetings, on Zoom, or on stage

* Delivering your sales/elevator pitch

* Connecting with others at networking events

* Interviewing for a job

* Going for a promotion

* Being seen and respected as a leader

* Holding the attention of your audience on Zoom

* Giving thought to how you appear on dating sites

* When you walk out the door to meet the world

Why Does It Matter?

People invest in you first before investing in your products and services.

When your intention is to have people listen to you powerfully, then your image and presence makes a difference in how you are listened to.

Presence is your inner game – your values, attitudes, mindset…  Your Image – clothing, appearance, body language, is how people relate and react to you.


“It is known that physical attractiveness, a variable over which one has little control, exerts a potent influence in social situations. These results imply that clothing attractiveness, a variable over which one has potential control, might exert a similar influence.” Effects of Clothing Attractiveness on Perceptions – Sharron J. Lennon, June 1990

Do you give much thought to how you dress and the influence you have on others?

Answer the questions below to get a better understanding of where you are with your image and presence.


Learn how to transform from struggle, frustration, and resignation – to experiencing freedom, confidence, and power with your personal and professional presence and image


The program is designed to help you create your signature look, so that everything you wear reflects you powerfully and successfully.

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The program is customized to meet your specific objectives. We meet over several sessions in a 30-day period. When we work together, you will have a solid idea of how to work with your existing wardrobe with greater ease, and you will have a system that will help you know what to add to your wardrobe when you go shopping. You can even take me along for a virtual shopping trip.


Shopping can be an overwhelming experience, unless you have a coach that you trust to help you find what suits you best.

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During the shopping session, you will learn what styles, colors and textures work best for you. In addition, you will learn how to pair, jackets, trousers, shirts and sweaters to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery session to learn how the shopping session can benefit you.




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"Beyond helping me get started with some suits, I learned how to shop for myself and what to look for when I buy clothes. You have been a big help and I am very appreciative - thank you so much!"   Cole Palacios

"The time we have spent together has caused me to look differently and, more importantly, think differently about the presence I want to bring to the world. I feel more confident and much more aware of how I show up." - Don Southworth

"It's with deep appreciation that we, at Becton Dickinson, thank you for your valuable coaching. It was so useful, informative and inspiring." - Thomas Dodd

"Through your coaching I learned the meaning of service. I felt so good about myself, and now have my legal practice more focused and centered around my ability to be present to being of service to my clients. Thank you so much for the contribution you made to my life." - Charles Knell

"One of the most profoundly limiting themes that men face in this culture, is our drive and need to behave as if we are successful, handsome, sexy, strong men. What I discovered through your coaching is that I am successful and attractive, and have the ability to take stock in myself without pretense. Thank you for what you have contributed to me!"  - Paul Schutz

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