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Master Image & Presence Branding Coach 

I have been developing and delivering transformational programs for over 30 years with a deep commitment to having people experience a powerful shift in how they perceive themselves.

I am passionate about empowering people to embrace the light within – their unique and authentic beauty – so that their very best shines through their personal presence, physical image, and also extends to every part of their life.

Beauty is your inner light (Presence of Self) that shines from your soul and your heart. There is something truly magical about connecting with your beauty and sharing it with the world.  

Drawing from my successful careers in the corporate world, and in my business as an entrepreneur, I work with organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and success-focused individuals. 


My Story

How I Got Started

I have been fascinated with people and how they look for as long as I can remember. I loved playing dress up and loved creating outfits with clothes from my Aunt Veronica’s wardrobe. She was my role model for being a woman of grace and elegance. In fact, she was a model, unlike my mother who was more of a tomboy. They were powerful women that taught me so much.

Being the oldest of 7 childern was in itself amazing lessons in early leadership training 🙂 I was left in charge a lot, since my mother worked grave yard shift at the hospital. 

We didn’t have a lot of money, so getting new clothes was a big treat. As a result, I got very good at working with the clothes I had to dress well and not be looked down on by the other kids at school. We all judge each other, and when you’re a shy kid like I was, you are sensative to how people see you. I call this managing perception. I learned how to love and respect myself as I managed my image. I dressed  to reflect my qualities, instead of looking like a poor kid.

My life experiences have taught me the value of beauty and the importance of surrounding myself in beauty, including authentically expressing my own expression of beauty. 

Long story short, together with my education and life experiences, I use my talents and perception to help others show up and be present to their values, beauty and amazing self…to be seen, known and valued, and to love themselves from the inside and out.