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I am a Presence, Productivity and Performance Coach with over 30 years developing and delivering transformational programs that produce phenomenal and lasting results with my clients. I am committed to workability, authenticity, dignity, integrity and quality! 

Currently, I am delivering online programs and Mastermind Series via Zoom, to a wide range of business professionals seeking to be more grounded and focused, and to creatively innovate effective changes in the business culture. As a result, they build strategic alliances with like-minded people and affiliations aligned on similar goals and ambitions.

As a Productivity and Performance Coach,  I work with organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and success-focused individuals. I have extensive experience delivering programs that removes the barriers to effective communications, collaboration and teamwork in order to produce powerfully aligned results. 

My clients range from working with entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Over a span of 15 years I have worked with Sun Microsystems, Inc. and SAP Labs both in the Bay Area, California. During those years as a director and executive program facilitator, I implemented programs, processes and procedures that empowered teams, executives and customers.

As a Presence Coach, I address both inner and outer presence and how the two produce a powerful Presence of Self© and an extraordinary, fulfilled life. 

Presence – Your presence is the vibration that you put out in the world, and is a powerful vehicle for expressing your purpose. Your image is how your audience receives and reacts to you. Manage them both in order to fulfill your purpose with greater ease and success. Your presence is your unique and  personal brand. 

In 1982, I created a course called Mastery of Great Look and Your Presence of Self©.  It was one of the most engaging and successful courses that helped women and men to transform their image and generate a powerful presence that led to success in their careers, relationships and life. I continue to offer programs and coaching, empowering heart-based women to find their passion and be a stand for their greatness and beauty; to be bold, unstoppable, formidable women out to make a difference! 

This Chinese Proverb sums up my beliefs perfectly. If there is light in the soul, There will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, There will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, There will be order in the nation. ~ Chinese Proverb

You have an inner light and when it’s sparked, your beauty will shine through. What’s more, when more of us do this, we will be contributing to peace and harmony on Earth. There’s something truly magical when we are connected with our beauty, as it provides a sense of peace, wellness and opportunities to make a difference. 

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with me using my online scheduling tool. peggy2.youcanbook.me 

 I look forward to speaking with you! 




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