“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit Quote from the movie – Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Warner Bros.

Dare to be extraordinary! That’s my motto and one that I practice, especially as I age. It’s a whole new level of accepting my beauty and seeing myself through loving eyes, rather than a critical, “I’m aging” conversation when I look in the mirror. Yes, I am aging, we all are in some phase of our lives aging from birth on. We are not Benjamin Button – lol.

As George Bernard Shaw said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old when we stop playing.” He also said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” I challenge you to keep playing, it’s essential to your vitality and wellbeing. It’s one of my beauty and anti-aging secrets.

Having recently been through breast surgery, I can tell you that my ability to be connected to the joy and privilege of my life has been the number one key to healing as well as I am. I have also had the opportunity to release limiting beliefs and behaviors that I have been holding onto. No need to congest my being with the past. I am also redefining my sexiness. In other words, I am getting my sexy back, but at a whole new level. I keep shifting up and letting go into my beauty, my heart and loving myself back into existence. I put myself on the shelf for a while, however, cancer was the wakeup call.

Wake up to your magnificent, sexy, beautiful, confident, joyful, badass woman that you are. It’s time to stand powerfully in our presence and light the world with beauty. I dare you to be extraordinary at every age and every stage of your life.

Dare to Be Extraordinary…Because You Are!
After leaving the corporate world a few years back, I started offering business coaching to business owners. I thought that would be the best and most lucrative path to take. I offered Productivity and Performance coaching and was very successful with my clients. 

When I recently started blogging, I noticed how many topics I had listed that were to be about performance and productivity. I was in the middle of writing about a topic that I knew so well, yet I struggled to find the words and my heart wasn’t in it. Because I was stuck in having to be significant and relevant, or at least I thought I had to be, I struggled to write anything I thought was from my heart, enlightening or powerful, even though it had been my expertise for years.

Over that past couple of years, I have been searching my heart for what I am to do now; what lights me up and fulfills my purpose.  I kept hearing follow the process and more will be revealed. What process am I supposed to be following? Similar to the quote in the movie Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come,” I got the message to follow my heart, stay focused and trust the process and take the next step and action. 
I recognized that when I talked about presence, authentic self, aging with grace, loving kindness, and so on, my heart would light up. Therefore, I am listening to my heart, and no longer defined by the brilliant career of my past, but now living into my new authentic expression of self. 
It delights me to no end that I have found my way back to my purpose and what lights up my heart, which is to empower women to find their passion and embrace their beauty from the inside out.
A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu  Take a step and then another and another and trust the process! 

“There’s a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. It’s your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.” 

– Martha Graham, was an American modern dancer and choreographer

Martha Graham’s quote aligns perfectly with my purpose of empowering women to find and express their passion, gifts and talents. 

It comes down to this, what lights you up and are you willing to pursue your passion? I know these aren’t light weight questions, but worth pondering. I have clients that have spent 15 or more years inside of a structured environment, such as a corporate job, including my daughter, Nichole. She had the amazing courage and confidence to step out of her corporate job to pursue her passion of being a voiceover artist, something she has had in her heart since she was a little girl. Long story short, but packed with power…she is a highly rated and sought out voiceover artist…and she has successfully replaced her income from her corporate job. Nichole is a shining example and inspiration in following your heart, follow your bliss and trust in your self…money will follow. She put her plans into action, got herself trained, created her voiceover website and is off and running. 

I recently rediscovered how much I love creating beautiful art with oil paints. Painting allows my creativity to flow. I start with a blank canvas and with a few brush strokes a beautiful picture appears.  Much like writing, I start with a blank page and out pours my thoughts and inspirations. I absolutely love to write and blog. This is a new and fabulous discovery that aligns with my purpose and lights my heart. 

If you have a burning desire to pursue a passion, I invite you to take the brakes off and go for it. This is it!


Image a World Without Beauty

Have you ever stopped to think about how important beauty really is for our existence? Think for a moment how life would be if there were no great works of art, no music, and no books. Now imagine that the beauty of nature disappeared. What if there were no colors, just plain gray everywhere? Dismal thoughts, but we don’t have to look too far in the past to see the evidence of what life was like when beauty was denied and suppressed.

Beauty is so essential to the quality and vitality of our lives; it’s a part of our nature. Without it life is a very unhappy place and very depressing to the soul. Would you deny nature of its beauty by asking a deer, or a flower, whom do they think they are expressing so much beauty? Silly example, but the point is, think about how we deny ourselves of our own beauty nearly every day. 

A couple of quotes from Audrey Hepburn that sums up my beliefs about beauty and sexiness perfectly. 

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair…True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”

“…I convey just as much sex appeal picking apples off of a tree or standing in the rain.” – Audrey Hepburn, Actress & Humanitarian

True beauty and sexiness are an innate sense of your true self and being authentically you…and your willingness to own your beauty.  Sexy is a mindset; it’s not in the type of under garments you wear, or your physical appearance. Although, if you enjoy wearing clothes that have you feel sexy and beautiful, go for it. Clothing can be a great way to enhance your mood and set the tone for your day or the occasion. 

Take time to take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Being in nature or in the eyes of someone you cherish, listening to music or watching an inspirational movie, enjoying great works of art, and so on, are all ways to enhance your wellbeing, and deepen your appreciation for how important beauty is in our lives, and how essential beauty is to our vitality and wellbeing.

You are beautiful! Believe it, own it, dress it and be it…beautiful!

Are you hiding in plain sight?

A woman whom I coached had a nagging issue about the size of her hips. She hired me to help her choose the best wardrobe for her, but she said, “I really don’t think we are going to have much luck because my hips are so big and that’s a challenge. “At the store I laid out a selection of clothes to have her try. The one piece that drew up some emotions for her was trying on the white dress I chose. I encouraged her to give it a try. She mustered up the courage and went in and put it on. A few minutes later she came out with tears in her eyes. She was surprised at how good she felt and looked in the dress. She had always avoided wearing anything that accentuated any part of her hips, especially a white dress. She declared it the breakthrough outfit. That was the perfect dress for her, as it got her unstuck from “I can’t, to wow, look at me, I can!”

What made the shift was her willingness to step outside of her comfort zone. It was more than buying a new wardrobe, it was a shift in her mindset about her body. She recognized that she was not allowing herself to show up as the powerful woman that she really is, hips and all. Although she hired me to help her with her wardrobe, the result was a breakthrough in how she showed up in life.

Many of us will hold ourselves back because we have gained weight or we have a constant negative assessment about a part of our body we wish would change. It’s a form of body shaming ourselves.The opportunity is to love all of you – flaws, scars, aging, weight, height, all of it! You be the inspiration for others to do the same. That’s my mission as well.


A distorted view of your online appearance is what we are all facing…literally.
Many people do not like what they look like when they see pictures of themselves. Now, people see themselves live on video chats and are horrified at what they look like. Recently, I was on a video call with a friend and her first comment was “oh my gosh, I look bad!” She didn’t to me, but she realized once she saw herself on the call, that she hadn’t considered her appearance before she got online. She asked to take a quick break and came back to the call having fixed her hair, changed her clothes and put a little makeup on. She felt 100% better and was more present. 
It sounds a bit narcissistic when we have so much focus on our appearance, however it’s challenging to not judge how we appear on the screen when we are viewing our image on video calls, pretty much daily as a result of COVID. 
So how do we see beyond our flaws, wrinkles, nose or chin appearing to be too big, and so forth when viewing our image on video? Here are a few ways to adjust your view of yourself when on a video conference. 
  1. Make sure you are camera ready with your hair, clothing and facial care. When your appearance is taken care of then you can show up with more confidence and have your attention off of yourself.
  2. Check your lighting. Get a good lighting source that puts the best light on your face.
  3. Rested and ready to go. Having your health and wellbeing taken care of will put forth better energy and you will look and feel better.
  4. Call Peggy Scott for coaching 😉 But, seriously, do call me. I will have you see beyond all your facial flaws and have you be more at peace with your appearance.  After all, how many years has it taken you to earn all those facial features? This is your face, love it, make peace with how you look and appreciate the heck out of the person that you have become…you earned it!

In conclusion, you can manage the perception of how you appear on screen by putting attention on all the details with your appearance before you get on a video conference, or before you leave the house. I promise you, when you do, you will feel better and look better!

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