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Be Authentic and Believe in Yourself

Dare to be the extraordinary self that you are! We all want to be appreciated and valued for who we are, but we must be willing to show up authentically. Letting go of who you think you should be takes practice and a commitment to being genuine, vulnerable and...

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Manage Perception

Many entrepreneurs invest in their business processes, marketing and education, but fail to invest in the most important marketing tool there is…their presence! Presence is a form of energy, a vibration, and a tone that shapes how you present yourself and how others...

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Ignite Your Personal Presence

Igniting your personal presence must begin from within. What lights you up? What’s your ambition and mission? How do you want to be perceived? As much as we try, we cannot run away from ourselves. We can’t transform our personality by buying new clothes or increase...

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Drop The Comparisons

There is no one like you! When you compare yourself to another you have lost sight of what makes you unique. You miss opportunities to shine your best self. You not only rip yourself off, but also potential clients that could benefit from your services. What makes...

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The Zen of Presence

The alignment of your inner and outer presence creates harmony, confidence and attractiveness - you exude a sense of ease, poise and self-assurance. This is what I call the Zen of Presence. You can recognize these qualities in leaders, executives, politicians, actors,...

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